SELFLOCK GLAZING SYSTEMS is world’s one and only patented front loading dry mounting glazing mechanism which locks the glass panel first and keeps it under pressure between the interlocking profiles in an equilibrium upon introduction of the gaskets and that helps the glass panel suspended in the locking mechanism due to a dynamism inherent in the locking system resulting in added Strength, Safety among other unique features. 

The Inventor, Mr. Arakkal Abdul Lathief attributes the credit of his invention to his longtime associate in Belgium, Mr. Jos Coppens who is acknowledged for his professional contribution to the Glazing Industry in Europe and Asia for decades.

In the 80’s, application of glass panels were limited to window glazing and gypsum board was popular for partitions with aluminum doors & windows. As Middle East was experiencing a boom following the Iraq war, there was an influx of professionals from Europe and USA with a vision for modern offices. Heeding to the new generation, Interior Designers considered full height glass partitions for conference rooms and large windows for vision panels, but processed glass supply was scarce and technicians were rare. During this period, Mr. Arakkal, gifted with rich experience in the glass industry became instrumental in filling the vacuum by providing services to the leading Interiors in town through his firm - Century Glass. However, there was no proper glazing system available in the market for thicker glass wall partitions. The conventional method of fixing glass panels in the U-channel using silicon made glasswork cumbersome and untidy. Mr. Arakkal pursued years of thorough international search and eventually developed one by himself that turned out unique and revolutionary.

Today, Selflock Systems holds patents in 43 countries including Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa. A range of innovative products such as Handrails, Facades & Thermal break systems are under production, keeping in line with the very essence of minimalism in the genesis of Selflock Systems - Strength, Safety and Aesthetics. 

Salient Features

Perfect Glazing Mechanism

Simple to Assemble

Minimum Skill Required

DIY Mechanism